Prayas JAC Society: Prayas Started with 25 children in 1988, today Prayas caters to the needs of 50,000 neglected, street and marginalized children, youth & women in Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Andman & Nicobar islands, Haryana, Jharkhand.
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Realizing that the problem of destitute children is found in every part of Delhi, sensing the gravity of the situation Prayas decided to respond to their needs. Prayas established another such centre in West Delhi and named it as Anupam Prayas in September 1994. This unit presently runs centers in a slum area known as Kathputli (Puppet) colony. Representatives of Children's Hope U.S.A. - an international organization working to promote the development of women and children, visited this area. Moved by th is scenario, Children's Hope immediately offered to intervene and work to improve the living conditions of this highly marginalized population.

The project formally commenced on 1 January 2004 in Kathputli Colony under the name of Children’s Hope Prayas. Since then, the project is expanding its horizon for serving the community.

The Community, WE Intervene

The population residing in Kathputli Colony basically comprises of migrants form Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, who earn their living through performing arts like acrobatics, folkdance, puppetry etc

Kathputli Colony area has as an estimated population of nearly 2,500 children and adolescent girls who work mostly as acrobats, art performers, child beggars, rag pickers, domestic servants and about 40,000 adults who work as casual laborers. There are 3,000 children who are found working in dhabas, hotels, tea stalls and other petty jobs. Among these, nearly 14% are reported to be girls. In these slum pockets, a large number of these children are victims of social and parental neglect.
(Source: - Census 2001).

Project Goal

The goal of Children's Hope Prayas Project is to give every child in the area a Real Chance for a better tomorrow through education, health services, hygiene, and nutrition and vocational training. In this context the beneficiaries are provided with Alternative Education (later they are mainstream) bridge course, Health Care, Hygiene, Nutrition, Vocational Training, Micro Finance and self Help Groups and other livelihood programmes for youth and women empowerment.

The objective of the project is to create a child friendly model in urban slums and make the community more responsible towards their well being.

Major Activities

Under the project, the following activities/programmes are undertaken for the overall
development of the community:-

1. Education

Efforts are directed to offer support to children so as to meet their various needs. Educational programmes are being run to cover all categories of children including those who have never been to school, out of school children or dropouts, those attending mainstream education as well as working children.

2. Alternative Education Centres

(realizing the goal of universal elementary education

3. Remedial Centres (ensuring continuity of children in the mainstream)

In order to reduce the dropout rate and ensure high retention, 10 remedial classes are running to offer tutorial assistance to around 20 children studying in 1st to 9th Standard

4. Creches (offering early childhood care and education)

Creches were adopted as a means of intervention to offer early childhood care and preparatory education to children in the age group of 2 to 5 years. It not only provides a safe environment to the child but also a respite to the mother and the older siblings. The children are provided with nutrition too everyday. Apart from all this, it also helped us to raise the numbers of girl students in our AE centers and other schools as well.

5. Computer Training

Children's Hope Prayas also provides computer training to all the children studying in their centres through this education, children are getting familiar with the technical terms which are used in today's life very commonly.

6. Parents Meeting

Parents' meeting is held every month to discuss the mental, emotional and physical growth of the child.

7. Home Visits

The home visits are conducted by the teachers to ensure regular attendance of the children in classes. If a child is absent for more than 3 - 4 days, home visits are made to find out the reason behind the absence and adopt possible measures to rectify that. Home visits also help in maintaining proper communication with the parents. Parents who absent themselves from the PTM are also contacted this way.

8. Nutrition

CHP provides the students with mid-day meals. The nutritional value of food is consistently maintained. Apart from mid-day meals, children in crèches are also provided with supplementary diet in the evening.

9. Health check-ups (school health monitoring)

Children’s Hope Prayas maintains its personal dispensary for all the children enrolled with it which is headed by a professional doctor. All the students undergo regular health check-ups where they are diagnosed for ailments and proper growth and development is monitored. They are also provided with free medication for normal ailments. All of them have a medical card, which is maintained by their respective teachers. Children who require attention are referred for specialized treatment. Besides, health edu. is also imparted to these children as per the curriculum.

10. Library

The provision of a Library is an initiative of CHP to inculcate an interest in children to read books. The short story books draw the genuine interest towards general reading. More and more books are added keeping the interest of the children in the mind. Books in both English and Hindi are made available to children with illustrations, which help them improve their vocabulary in both languages. A library class is compulsory for all the children at least once a week.

11. Bal Sabha

A range of extra-curricular activities are conducted at the Bal Sabha like singing, dancing, quiz, art and craft etc. Cultural programs are held to give students a platform to exhibit their talent thus serving as a motivating factor for other children.

12. Sports

Sports were introduced in the school in 2005. This activity has contributed to the holistic growth amongst children and ensuring fitness thus bringing discipline in their lives. A variety of sports are played like kho-kho, volleyball, cricket and football, whose teams practice regularly. Students are also trained in athletics and they take part in various competitions.

13. Music

Seeing the cultural background of the community music classes were incorporated as part of this Project in April 2005. Inclination towards music and instruments gives them an opportunity to polish themselves at it. It has also acted as an incentive and has helped increasing the strength of the schools. Parents too are interested in getting their children trained in this field and thus it has become a pull factor for children of this community, which has consequently opened the gates of education for them.

14. Educational Trips

Children of this community are provided with an opportunity to meet with better prospects of life through educational trips that are frequently organized to enhance the knowledge of the children and to give them firsthand experience of the outside world. It helps them in gaining valuable knowledge, information and exposure. These trips prove to a medium of excursion with a blend edu. as well.

15. Children’s Hope Prayas Kala Srishti Manch

Children’s Hope Prayas provides the people of its community a platform to exhibit their skills to the outside world. The people of Kathputli colony are mainly acrobats, dancers, and artists but have been unfortunate as their talent has not received exposure, which renders their talent concealed. They are given opportunities to perform at various fairs, programs, and at other NGOs in order to unveil their art, aptitude and ability. Gaining recognition enhances their confidence and their faith in their capability and skills.

News & Events

  • 14Nov
    25th Foundation Day of Prayas coinciding with Children's day celebrated with 'Run for Children 2012' where 3,000 weaker section children ran for rights.
  • 15Oct
    PRAYAS’s initiative for skill development and empowerment of youth in Naxal affected areas

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